The Celtics Marcus Machine (Smart & Morris) helps power win vs. Wolves

The Marcus Machine generated a lot of power last night in a 117-109 Celtics win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Marcus Morris had a solid offensive game, notching 17 points in 32 minutes on 7/15 from the floor and 3/5 on threes, all while adding five rebounds and two assists. Here is what Coach Brad Stevens thought of Morris' play (per NBA's Taylor Snow):

"Marcus (Morris) is a hard guy to guard at the 3 because he can use his size, but then at the 4 he spaces the floor so well," said Celtics coach Brad Stevens. "It has been a little bit of a change for him (playing mostly the 4) because he hadn't played it in a while; he played most the 3 in Detroit. So, playing mostly the 4 here probably took more time to get used to, but he's in a good groove right now."

Marcus Smart scored only nine points on 2/7 from the floor (0/4 on threes) but added two rebounds, six assists and two steals. Here is NBA's Taylor Snow on Smart's tenacious play:

... he (Smart) played with a constant tenacity that was infections for his teammates. The fourth-year guard put his body on the line multiple times, diving for loose balls and providing physical defense against players of all different positions and sizes.

He knows that those types of plays won't give him any glory in the box score, but frankly, he couldn't care less about personal stats.

"That's how I was taught to play," Smart said of his willingness to sacrifice his body for the team. "I'm a winner. I'm not really about the accolades. I'm here to win. And if that's what it's going to take for my team to win, then I'm going to do it."

This put-back dunk only added two points on the board but provided for a lot of excitement for the crowd.

Coach Brad Stevens loves his lineups that feature players that can guard one-through-five. Smart has repeatedly demonstrated that he can accomplish that feat against virtually any player in the League.

It was invigorating to watch the Marcus Machine powering the Celtics second unit last night. It was running smoothly, and with a few minor fixes, it can run flawlessly.

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Smart photo via Michael Dwyer/Associated press
Morris photo via David Sherman/NBAE