Green Envy: What Timberwolves fans said - 3/8/18

The Celtics put forth one of their best efforts of the season for tonight's matchup in Minnesota. They stayed composed after Jaylen Brown's horrific fall while getting hung up on a massive dunk and kept the throttle down all night long on both ends of the floor. It seemed like just about everyone on the C's had themselves a night. And despite the gracious reaction from the T-Wolves faithful after JB went down, we still gotta get on em here. It is tradition, after all.

Top Three:

Celtics are legit, we just can’t hang without Buckets. Hell, we couldn’t hang with him.

Good god, the yogurt cheering is back. 2010 is here again

Brad Stevens told him to miss to get everybody free cherry berry

Uncle Drew Takeover:

Kyries cold blooded

Well played Kyrie. he murdered us

Kyrie just unstoppable right now
My grandmother would be unstoppable against Teague right now. Dude just got blocked by the backboard.
Yes, but also, Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie makes the shots Wiggins wishes he could and it's beautiful to watch that actually go in.

But Wiggins “could” be better than Kyrie!

Full Slate:

I'm feeling an epic comeback tonight

Remember when some people thought that its Jimmy who was holding back Wiggins?

Wiggins for picks
Wiggins is a negative asset.

Smart would be sick on this team

On a scale of 1-10 how hard did Thibs nut seeing that defensive play by Smart?

We're lucky we've been getting all of the calls today with how bad we're playing.
All of what calls? We're the home team and have shot 9 FTs to their 19 gtfoh

Dieng is absolutely useless.

Andrew please don't shoot. You better drive and try to dunk on people
He can't dribble tho

Time for Wiggins to go 0/5 as soon as we start closing in

I like Crawford but we are in trouble when he's the best player off our bench

Crawford 4/11 shooting and doesn't do anything else helpful on the floor? Yeah, that'll kill you
Welcome to the Andrew Wiggins experience.

Rose can be doing what Jamal is, and maybe even add a liiiitttlle defense. Like barely any and it is probably an upgrade.

sometimes I wonder if Thibs straight-up just places all his faith in Crawford to control our offense above everything else. Like he'll just bank on Jamal making all his shots to squeak out the win instead of trying other strategies

How are we still this close? This should be a blowout

How does Teague miss that layup?
Because he's trash

KAT is incapable of playing even average PNR defense.

Wiggins alone has more missed than KAT has shots

Just put Rose in you have nothing to lose at this point.

Sad that Marcus smart and Marcus Morris are better players than Wigs, tonight and in general.

You’d think box out drills would be part of an NBA practice.

Perfect ending maple Jordan missing a 3

Free yogurt baby!

“There was a cheer there because they won free yogurt”

Wiggins has never played on a team that doesn't tank. He's confused on what to do I think

Tyus played like he wants Rose to take his minutes. Cool bro

***For Reference: The free yogurt comes when a the visiting team in Minnesota misses two consecutive free throws in the 4th quarter during the same trip to the line.

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