Jaylen Brown escapes serious injury in scary fall

Last night, for a few scary minutes, it was like a repeating nightmare had struck the Boston Celtics collectively when Jaylen Brown took a hard, scary fall after a breakaway dunk attempt.
Evoking shades of Gordon Hayward's gruesome injury, time seemed to slow down as Brown attacked the basket through two defenders, then had to hang on to avoid landing on them only to come down hard on his head and back.
As Jaylen sat motionless, the air was sucked out of the room. Mercifully, Brown was able to get up and walk off court under his own power, and was then taken to the hospital for further testing once he'd been seen by the Minnesota Timberwolves medical team. Jaythoven will have to go through the concussion protocol, and will likely miss the game against the Indiana Pacers, at minimum.

The league's concussion protocol requires symptom-free demonstration of a series of activities, and takes as long as it takes - fans will recall Al Horford had to go through it as well this season and last, with very different outcomes in terms of time. Regardless, we should all count our blessings - this seems to be the very best possible outcome one could hope for in such an accident.
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Image: Michael Dwyer/AP
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