Mike Gorman still believes Gordon Hayward will be back this season

And so do I! On NBC Sports, the Sports Hub, Celtics announcer Mike Gorman was asked if he believed Brad Stevens when he said Gordon Hayward won't be playing this season. Gorman answered, "I think Brad believes that."

Mike went on to say that he has information that Gordon is working out 8-9 hours a day, and if he felt his next game would not be until this October, he would be doing less. That makes sense to me, also.

Gorman ended the session by stating, "Before the playoffs are over, we will see him (Hayward) in a Celtics uniform. I just believe it." Mike also said that being in uniform would not be a guarantee that Hayward will be playing since that would be up to Gordon and the Celtics organization to determine. I predict he will be going higher on his practice jumpers, running on hard wood and soon travelling with the team.

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Photo via Brian Babineau/Getty Images