Green Envy: What Wizards fans said - 2/8/18

It took overtime, but the Boston Celtics went into Washington and righted the ship with a big win over the Wizards. Greg Monroe made his debut with the C's, John Wall wore some crazy shades on the Washington sideline, and the Wiz fans came at Kyrie and the Flat Earth Society. All in all, a fun night.

Top Three:

Let me guess, Beal iso, misses contested jump shot, overtime, biggest wizards choke of the season

I wonder if Oubre gets hyped for each game by looking at a picture of Olynk in the locker room

Is Marv Albert wearing a wig? Never been able to decide

Round Earthers:

The Refs are Flat Earth Theorists helping their fellow brother out

even if we lose, at least our players know the earth is round

This game is almost as embarrassing as believing the earth is flat

Full Slate:

Morris going to start a fight with Horford. Better not get badly outplayed by him

Gortat missed that spoonfed bucket, then throws a bad pass, then gets stripped effortlessly
He sets good screens tho!

Irving is so annoying

Terry Rozier is a dawgg

wait doesn't that guy play for us?

lol Monroe with a T already

Fraizer cant shoot for shit

Just when I thought we were pulling comes Meeks with his BS.

WTF with Rozier, man? How do the Celtics keep pulling these kinds of players out of their ass?

Part of me would of been so happy to see Gortat gone today

Gortat isn't going to eat if he keeps fumbling passes

“EVERYBODY eats” Beal takes all the dumb shots

These TNT announcers keep getting names wrong

Gortats “everybody eats” comment must have been about the AYCE buffet at Golden Corral because hes slow as shit

Why does John Wall look like an English Lit Professor?

Surrounded by boston fans and two fucking philly fans right now im going to lose my mind

Bruh how is half of our arena boston fans

Can we talk about John Wall’s outfit?

Love Walls shades. Very tight. Glad he is on the sidelines.

My god, the Celtics coach is dooshy as hell! How could you not want to punch him in the face?

Guys I think we might actually be better with John Wall

I swear Gortat could not put in any less effort

brick hands gortat glad we kept him

How do we suck so much on these situations

One day, Brooks will draw up a play...

Otto take the last shot please

Last play Better not be be Beal dribbling for 8 seconds and missing at he buzzer.

why the fuck is Bradley so bad in the clutch, this is not normal

I mean another miracle 3 point play from Kyrie's team on a nationally aired game to force overtime...

I always wonder what Scott Brooks does in that timeout huddle, everybody and their mom knew it would be a Beal iso

Wizards are literally always the worst team to be a fan of.

Beal didn't show up tonight, Brooks got outcoached, and Keef is a lazy ass defender. Goodnight.

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