Green Envy: What Timberwolves fans said - 1/5/18

The Celtics grinded out a win on a frigid Friday night in Boston over the T-Wolves. A combination of poor shooting and solid defense culminated in a low scoring, ugly affair but a win is indeed a win. Jayson Tatum put the wood to Karl-Anthony Towns tonight and after sifting through T-Wolves fans comments I've come to realize they are one of the funnier fan bases out there. Also, the majority of them are not very fond of Andrew Wiggins at this point in time.

Top Three:

Kyrie to Wiggins: bruh stop shooting ur trash, also the world is flat, go vegan

if anyone wants to piss on my family after this game we will be down by the river

Every time I think about Kyrie listing us as a destination I cry a little bit inside.

Karl-Anthony, say hello to Jayson Tatum:

Welp. Karl just got dad dicked by a teenager.

Jayson Tatum just baptized Karl Anthony Towns

I want kat to get dunked on more tbh... will make him more willing to contest dunks and feel less embarrassed about it.

Damn boy that was mean

Full Slate:

Game hasn’t started and I’m already sweating

We're winning this game. But the ESPN announcers haven't said one positive about the Wolves yet.

Jesus H Christ the missed jump shots.

just told my son if Wiggs makes both free throws I'd do 50 pushups

It's almost as if the more Crawford doesn't play D, the more shots he makes.

just tuned in, what's the story so far?
You're lucky.

This game is like Chinese water torture

I won't be surprised if this ends up being the lowest scoring game of the season out of the entire NBA

We're going to lose by 1 calling it now

KAT flies through the air as gracefully and as elegantly as a southern Californian Condor. What a sight to see

I hope the games aren't this sloppy when we play em in the finals

Is anyone watching the celtics feed? Who the fuck is this old man announcer? He's easily the worst announcer I've ever had to listen to.

Is anyone else screaming at their tv every possession?
Cool, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me.

I need an ibuprofen.

Just rest the starters. It's not worth it. Also fuck Marcus Smart.

why the don't we run a play for KAT for FUCKS SAKE

YES! Take more contested mid range jumpers please!

New drinking game: Every time Wiggins settles for a jumper, take a shot.

son of a bitch, just got home from work, this doesn't look good.

I am gonna have a stroke if I watch Wiggins shoot one more of those bricks

An actual pack of wolves would play with better ball movement

Here's my shitty hot take: we replace Thibs and there's a Warriors with Kerr effect

For our best team in the past 10+ years, I've never had such a hard time watching every game.

shoulda sent love for Anthony Bennett straight up


we didn't just sign Wiggins. We maxed him. $30 million a year for the next 5 years. Let that sink in

Maybe he can get an advance on that max contract to buy a bucket.

jayson tatum is better than wiggins
yes talent and effort seem to outweigh just talent

KAT has been incredible all game and literally no one else bothered to show up.

Boston is up 11 with a minute left and they are still out hustling us.

kyrie irving is making us look like pisstards on D and he is not even a good defender

I don't think I've ever seen Wiggins make both free throws

If this is how Thibs wants to play (and lose when it counts), just do the humanitarian thing and trade Wiggins to a team with a coach that knows how to coach in the year of 2018.

just throw me into the ocean with bricks around my legs
after this game the necessary equipment certainly is in surplus

Not new news, but I think the Wiggins dream is over. He's no longer a young player.
22 isn't young?

towns looks pissed
He should. I wish he'd play like it all the time. KG style.
Kinda hard when the team plays keep away from him on offense.

Down 10 with one minute left with all five starters in. Just Thibs things.

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