Green Envy: What Knicks fans said - 1/31/18

The Celtics were without three of the four point guards ball handlers on their roster heading into a showdown with the New York Knicks, thrusting Terry Rozier into his first ever NBA start and T-Rozay messed around and got himself a triple-double. The Celtics drubbed the Knicks despite 6 of their 11 players suited up being rookies. Needless to say, Knicks fans had a tough night.

Top Three:

He may lead the league in blocks but let’s be honest KPs defense is like putting a chicken on top of a barn instead of a rooster. Winds will blow right through.

stop it we're already dead

Celtics turned the difficulty down to Rookie smh not fair

The Morris Fall/Beasley No Call:

Refs: "if he dies, he dies."

That was painful to watch in slow motion.

He ded lets keep going

Full Slate:

They can't miss. We can't make. I feel like we've been here a time or two this year

No Irving, no problem for the Celtics against this shitty defense.

Shows you what a good coach looks like in the NBA when brad Stevens is missing 3 key players and the knicks are full strength and hornaceck still has no fucking clue what to do and we are getting destroyed

dont do that passive agressive smile jeff you know damn well what you did and ya didnt change a thing

Why is lee still in hornacek done lost his mind

Does Hornacek use his playbook? Does he even have one?

so guys, what coaches should we be looking at this off season?

Ball. In. The. Basket.

I can't watch anymore, Marcus Morris is out here crossing up KP I'm done

We swept Brooklyn is it safe to tank already?

Our vets choose to shit the bed at the most crucial times and glow up at the most inopportune time.

Lance Thomas is the worst “elite defender” i’ve ever seen
lance "knicks best choice to be team's "elite defender" defender" thomas

Hornaceck Just texted me to see if I want to play a little at the point tonight.

Beasley looks like he smoked some of that fine legal Massachusetts Weed prior to the game.

are we surprised that we can't hang with the celtics on the tail end of a b2b? this was a scheduled loss from the beginning kyrie or no kyrie

how many times are we gonna take a running floater in the lane that clanks off the side of the rim

Can't tell if Burke is really quick or he just looks like it since he comes in for the worm jack

Game plan today, everyone except Kp makes stupid shots and hope kanter tips them in.

Man congrats to terry, he can blow past a 50 year old Jarret jack every possession i am shocked

Doris Burke knows wtf is up. Someone throw KP a fucking lob more than twice a season.

People want this team to be buyers at the deadline lol?

We haven't scored in so long

Why do the Celtics always dick us so hard


The worst thing about the Celtics is that they are young.
And they've still got a shitton of draft picks coming up. Ridiculous.
The ghost of Billy King screwing over the rest of the Atlantic

Mitchell is a beast, but especially considering age, Tatum is the the best player from his class

How do we not run the p&r with KP and lob it up to him every single time?
because he can't get around smaller guys to go get the lob.


I want to murder that Celtics fan yelling at the top of his lungs. Such a typical Boston douche.

Wow 7:40 of Hernangomez and a win for the tank. Pretty good night.

Before I took a shower we were down 11
way to go you dirty boi.

Porzingis a -36 tonight.. oof

Some people still want us to strain for that 8th seed tho
the nerve of some ppl, to want to win

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