Kyrie gets 36, Tatum adds 20 and Professor Brown flies high but the Celtics fall to the Spurs (videos)

Kyrie Irving scored 36 points but he couldn't force the OT in Alamo as the Celtics lost to the Spurs in a good one. Irving had 17 points just in the first quarter and it seemed another clutch performance is coming but this time it was Manu. Jayson Tatum added 20 points to go with eight boards on the night.

Jaylen Brown returned from one-game absence and hit the parquet with googles on, finishing the game with 15 points, five rebounds, two assists and one monster putback dunk over Pau Gasol. Terry Rozier got 13 points off the bench to go along with four rebounds and four steals but it wasn't enough for the Spurs.

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