CelticsLife makes an appearance in NBA 2k 18

It seems that somewhere deep in the depths of Visual Concepts, CelticsLife has an ally.

Of course, it's certainly possible it's a coincidence, but it seems the latest iteration of Visual Concepts flagship sports game series, NBA 2K 18, has CelticsLife right on the sidelines. No, not any of our lovely mugs - I'm not sure they have the computing firepower to properly render our chiseled features here at the blog - they have the cheerleaders hoisting our site name while the Boston Celtics are getting some warmups out of the way in the photo above.

Is it a sign we are far and away the best Boston sports blog out there? Perhaps, or perhaps it's a sign we need to get out of the house more and think about basketball less. Seriously, though, if you think the last bit, you're probably new here, and that's fine - it's a good year to become a Celtics (Life) fan.

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Image: NBA 2K18/Visual Concepts
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