Marcus Smart thought he might be headed to Cleveland

During the Kyrie Irving negotiations, Marcus Smart thought the Boston Celtics were going to package him into the deal and ship him to Cleveland. 

Monday at Media Day, Smart said he had been working out with Chauncey Billups in Denver when his agent contacted him to tell him the Celtics might move him. 

Smarts' initial reaction was, "there's no way" the trade could happen, however he saw ESPN reporting details and realized the deal might happen.

"Once ESPN and everybody else started saying it, I was like OK, this is real life," Smart said. "This isn't just a rumor any more, this is going down." 

The deal ended up happening, but luckily for Smarts' sake he was not included in the trade. He will join Al Horford, Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown as one of the only four Celtics returning to the team. Smart thought it was "weird" to experience so much overhaul from a team that reached the Eastern Conference Finals. 

After losing 20 pounds over the offseason, Smart "feels amazing" and is looking forward to reaching his full potential in this upcoming season. 

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