JaMychal Green resigns with Memphis Grizzlies, off the table for Boston

More than a few green-tinted eyeballs were watching the (lack of) action between JaMychal Green and the Memphis Grizzlies this offseason with intense interest.

Green, a 27-year-old power forward who is a mobile, athletic big who can both space the floor and battle for rebounds just signed a two-year deal with the Grizzlies for $17 million, about $8.5 million a year for those of you as bad at math as I am. That's a shame, because his skill set and age would have been a very good fit for the Boston Celtics, who desperately need some defensive rebounding - and Green's clip of .379 from deep certainly wouldn't hurt either.

The deal, a little lower than his likely true market value based on what he's done to date - he averaged 8.9 points, 7.1 rebounds and 1.1 assists per game last season, his third in the league - but if he has the breakout season some are expecting this year, he might end up being a steal. While he may be off the table for the Celts at the moment, the deal he's one is a good one, and with the Grizzlies having so few tools to rebuild on the fly with, he could be worth keeping tabs on closer to the deadline given Boston controls one of Memphis' first round picks at right around the time we should expect Marc Gasol to start losing a few steps (2019 to 2021, depending on the protection).

Should the Celtics monitor the situation, should defensive boards and front court depth be the concern some analysts are suggesting? Or should they go all-in with who've they've got, and get burn for the young squad regardless of how it might impact this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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