No more home and away jerseys for the NBA

Is this the future? Not exactly.
The NBA is getting rid of home and away jerseys.

Of course, this doesn't mean everyone can show up wearing whatever version of their team's jersey they feel like, it simply means the designation of uniform as a "home" or "away" jersey is. All teams will have four jersey designs to choose from in a season, with the home team deciding which jersey they'd like to use, and the away team selecting a uniform that contrasts it (so, no light against light jerseys, and so on).

This isn't exactly news, as it's basically been going on for some time now, and is likely tied to the new deal the league signed with Nike, who has made the uniforms since 2015 and just signed a new deal with the NBA. The driving force behind this change is, like many things, probably an attempt to drum up revenue by offering more options to purchase jerseys in different designs. There's some pretty ugly ones out there, so more options are always welcome, as far as I'm concerned.

What are your favorite jerseys in the NBA? Is there a Boston jersey that's especially dear to you? What teams have the best, green-tinted lenses aside? Who has the worst jerseys in the league? Of all time? Let us know (preferably with pics) in the comments.

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