Chris Paul traded to the Houston Rockets

It has begun.

Still three agonizingly long days away from free agency, but the frenzy of trades and movement has started, and the first domino has fallen:

How does this affect the Celtics? Boston owns the Clippers' first round pick in 2019. Whether this is the start of Jerry West blowing it up in Clipper-land remains to be seen, but losing a top three point guard has got to hurt your team, and raise the value of the pick in two years.

Blake Griffin and JJ Reddick are going to be free agents come July 1, and this will let them offer a max deal to one or the other. Until that day comes, though, this is the start of the insanity that is free agency, and nobody can really predict what will happen next.

Similarly, this could shake up the Eastern Conference. Did Jerry West sell CP3 after LeBron announced he would "never play for the Clippers"? Could the banana boat crew unite on the Houston Rockets alongside freshly minted coach of the year and almost-MVP James Harden? The cap gymnastics would be wild, but it might be slightly possible if players like Carmelo Anthony are willing to take pay cuts.

One things for sure, the official start of free agency is going to be epic.

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