Ante Zizic is here!

Ante Zizic is now in Boston and ready to join the Celtics. Back in May, Director of Player Personnel Austin Ainge said that as soon as free-agency rolled around the Celtics would be bringing the Croatian center up to the big club and clearly he's a man of his word. Ainge confirmed yesterday that Zizic is already in Boston. Via The Boston Globe:

“I took him downtown last night a little bit,” Ainge told the Globe. “He’s just doing things like getting workouts in, getting medical stuff, physicals done, all that type of stuff. He’s ready for summer league.”

Zizic's availability for summer league came into question last week after a slight holdup with his Visa, but obviously that has all been cleared up and he's here and ready to go.

There's a lot of excitement around Boston to see Zizic join the C's, especially given the recent success of some of the other European bigs that have made their mark on the NBA including Kristaps Porzingis, Nikola Jokic, Rudy Gobert, and Dario Saric. It would be wise to temper expectations as Zizic is making a huge jump from the Euroleague to the NBA, he's also only 20 years old, but should the Celtics actually pull off a Paul George/Gordon Hayward coup that would likely put Ante in a position to be playing quite a bit in his rookie campaign. The C's roster would essentially be wiped of their current big men, aside from Al Horford, and armed with only the mid-level exception and veteran minimum contracts to attract free agents Zizic could very well be a better option than anyone they may obtain on the market.

No, we're all very excited about that.

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