Anna Horford is enjoying a little schadenfreude at Dwight's expense

For some NBA fans, it's been an especially rough week, whether we're talking Boston Celtics fans enamored with Markelle Fultz, or Los Angeles Laker fans who thought D'Angelo Russell was to be a big part of their future.

For others, the chaos that's been unfolding over the last several days has brought a bit of levity, as well. When Celtics superfan Anna (and sister of Boston star big man Al) Horford caught wind of Dwight Howard being moved from his hometown team (the Atlanta Hawks) to the Charlotte Hornets after just one season, the notoriously outspoken Twitter NBA personality didn't hold back. Roasting D12 for getting a taste of his own medicine (Howard decamped from the Lakers after just a season when his contract value had a bit more clout), Anna mocked Dwight mercilessly.

Likely, her distaste for D12 stems from the pushing incident between her brother Al and Howard when the Hawks hosted the Celts this season, with the home crowd disrespectfully booing Al and Dwight getting chippy - arguably even petulant - when a call did not go his way after getting hit with a hard screen by Al on the previous play, shoving Horford hard far from the action. It might be a deeper-rooted distaste for the Atlanta-raised big man only compounded by that night, though - Howard has a long history of polarizing behavior too substantial to point to a specific cause as the culprit without an explanation from Anna herself.

Whatever the cause, the Horford family are all great follows on Twitter, and as much as any team could hope for in terms of active support of a sibling on the Celtics roster. They are also very supporting of Celtics media so long as they are respectful towards Al and his family, something CelticsLife is certainly familiar with - and grateful for, as well. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Josh Horford's interview on the CelticsLife Pod, and Anna, Josh, and Maria Horford's exclusive CelticsLife interview earlier this season, both with Josh Coyne.

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