Not really...i think, anyway.
Can't decide if Danny Ainge just made a genius move or a terrible one? 

Getting lost trying to keep tabs on who we should draft? Curious to know how another fanbase is looking at all of this? Join Justin Quinn and friend of the pod and former NBA scout Alton Labreque - who just so happens to be a fan of the Celts' arch-rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers - as they break down the trade for the top pick, the players both the Celtics and the Lakers should be looking at, and how they were taking the first signs of the NBA apocalypse currently gripping the league. If you want to know how an informed experts with loyalties unfiltered by green-tinted lenses are taking in all of the madness, make sure you listen to this pod.

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For more stories about the offseason on CelticsLife, click here. For more by Justin, click here.

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