Screw the (insert player's name here) only wants to play for the Lakers nonsense

So Paul George wants to play for the Lakers? That's nice. So did Paul Pierce when he was younger. Then he ended up in Boston and loved it here and re-signed with us multiple times. KG wanted to be a Laker. Then he was traded to Boston and re-signed with us again years later. If the Lakers are offering a pu pu platter of Jordan Clarkson and picks #27 and #28 for Paul George the Celtics should top that.

Getting an elite player like Paul George for 25 cents on the dollar essentially never happens. He'll play in Boston for this season and love it. Worst case scenario is if by the trade deadline you are 100% sure he is leaving, you can trade him again (to a contender like CLE, GS, HOU, LAC, SA or to the Lakers) and even if it's just 15 cents on the dollar this time, so what? You lost a whole 10 cents.

With any trade there is risk. The extra pick we're getting for trading the #1 pick there's risk in that. It could end up being pick #17 in the 2019 draft. With every player you draft or sign there's risk. With the offers that the Lakers are providing the Pacers, and Indiana looking to trade him by the draft, this is a risk worth taking.

2 other stars who previously wanted to play for the Lakers.
Then they became Celtics and Bleed Green forever
But what about our cap space and Gordon Hayward? I've driven the "don't just give up your cap space for anyone since it's better to use it on Hayward" bus, so I'm well aware of it.  But we're  to talking Carmelo Anthony or Andre Drummond here. You can always find cap space to sign Hayward. All of our contracts are tradable (with the possible exception of Horford's). Kudos to Danny on that. If Hayward is willing to sign, you can easily move $18 million in contracts to make up for George's added salary.

Paul George is the ideal 4 in today's NBA. You can tell him he's a 3 if that makes him feel better, but teams aren't playing two big men any more, so Paul you're a 4 (Just like Horford wants to be known as a 4, but Al you're a 5). He'd go great next to Hayward and Isaiah. If the Celtics choose not to trade for George, that's fine. But spare me the "he will only play for the Lakers" spiel. George may prefer L.A, but he, like most NBA players, also wants to win and make money. He can have the latter two in Boston. Don't bet on a star not enjoying playing for the Celtics.

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