League Exec on Butler: "It's either Boston or Cleveland, but he's going."

A report coming out of CSN Chicago has the Chicago Bulls actively shopping star forward Jimmy Butler. According to Vincent Goodwill, he received a text from a league executive that Butler will be moved to either the Boston Celtics or the Cleveland Cavaliers:

As one league executive texted last night, "It's either Boston or Cleveland but he's going."

It's also been reported that the Celtics have rebuffed an offer from Chicago for Butler for the 3rd pick in Thursday's draft straight up:

The Celtics have been linked to Butler for what seems like eternity at this point. Philly's own Stephen A. Smith has been saying that the Celtics deal with the Sixers for #1-overall selection in the upcoming draft happened after the Bulls had reached out to the 76ers looking for the 3rd pick in exchange for Butler:

Smith also mentions that the C's plan is to trade for Butler and still go after Gordon Hayward via free-agency, which although tricky as far as the financials go is certainly plausible.

While Ainge may just be angling for a better deal with Chicago the holdup could also be due to the news today that Kristaps Porzingis is also on the trade block, and he just might be a more intriguing option for the treasure chest of assets that currently reside in Boston.

Personally, I'd deal the #3 pick for Butler in a second. Not only are you adding a young star to the roster but you're also minimizing Cleveland's opportunities to improve heading into next season. It's a win-win as far as I'm concerned.

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