Dwight Howard traded with peanuts for nothing; Clippers exploring DeAndre Jordan trade

Not a great night to be a non-stretch big man. The Hawks wanted no part of Dwight Howard anymore that they traded him to the Hornets for a couple contracts including Miles "The bad" Plumlee's. The Hawks also had to kick in a better pick in the swap. So the Hornets unloaded Plumlee's contract and got the better draft pick for being willing to accept Dwight Howard.

And then shortly after we hear from ESPN that the Clippers are exploring trading DeAndre Jordan.
The LA Clippers have gauged the market on potentially trading All-Star defensive stalwart center DeAndre Jordan, league sources told ESPN.

Sources say the Clippers, in an exploratory fashion, have spoken to a few teams regarding the nine-year veteran.

One of the teams contacted was the Phoenix Suns, sources told ESPN. A proposal of Jordan in exchange for veteran center Tyson Chandler and the Suns' No. 4 pick in the 2017 NBA draft was discussed, sources said.

The Suns, however, are believed to have balked at the overture.

Howard and Jordan both suffer from not having the ability to stretch the floor in the modern NBA where it's becoming a necessity for big men. Add in the fact that neither can hit water from a boat from the free throw line and they are even more of a hindrance. Howard has a bad attitude to boot, so thus the negative value. It's telling that the Suns weren't willing to give up the #4 pick for Jordan even with the Clippers taking on Chandler's contract (another non-stretch big man). Expect to eventually see Andre Drummond also traded with a very poor return coming back to Detroit.

Regarding the Celtics, neither Howard or Jordan would fit in the Celtics offense due to their no range abilities and defensively Horford can't guard 4's and neither can either of these guys, so that wouldn't work either. Not to mention all the money that would be tied up in big men when the league is going small. If the Celtics wanted to trade for Jordan (or Drummond) they would likely then have to trade Horford. You'd also still have issues with free throw shooting and offensive spacing. Don't expect the Celtics to show interest.

This isn't your father's or grandfather's NBA. Big men who can't stretch the floor are going the way of the dinosaur. Non traditional bigs who don't have solid post games, but can shoot the 3 are the new thing. Don't believe me? Wait until you see what Kelly Olynyk signs for this summer.