Tristan Thompson pulled the ole Olynyk on Amir Johnson's shoulder

Everyone grab your pitchforks. Amir Johnson suffered a strained right shoulder in Sunday night's win over the Cavaliers on a somewhat shady move from Tristan Thompson under the hoop:

What would Cleveland do? They'd cry about it until the league suspended the player involved on the opposing team at fault for the injury. Obviously us losing Amir vs Cleveland losing Kevin Love a la the way it went down in the 2015 playoffs with Kelly Olynyk at fault isn't quite the same given the skill level of the players in question, but that really should be irrelevant.

Meanwhile, I don't here a peep from anybody on the Celtics about Thompson being a dirty player or the National media coming for his head, but let's have a look back at the reaction to Olynyk back in 2015:

Kevin Love via

"I thought it was a bush-league play," Love told reporters. "I have no doubt in my mind that he did it on purpose."

LeBron via

"That didn't look like a basketball play.' James told reporters in his post game press conference. 'I've seen a lot of tie ups in my day but that looked different."

Kelly via MassLive: "I'd probably get killed if I went to Cleveland right now," Olynyk told the Boston Globe.

Kevin Love is refusing to accept Kelly Olynyk's apology

So should we be storming the castle in Cleveland?!?


Could it be it's just a couple of guys fighting for position and they got tied up? Either way Amir's potential absence opens the opportunity for Jonas Jerebko to start game 4. It's the most-likely scenario given both Jerebko's play on Sunday and Brad Stevens' reluctance to tinker much with his bench rotations. I was out already on Amir being effective in this series so I don't think his absence will be any sort of detriment.

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