The Cavs came out as the Monstars last night and we basically watched Space Jam

The Cleveland Cavaliers thought it would be cute to come out to the Monstars' anthem to start game 3. It's a little hard to hear in the video but if you listen closely you can make it out:

This likely stemmed from a combination of Isaiah Thomas' comments before game 2 about the Cavs, "they're not the Monstars", aligned with the similarities between the 1st half of Friday night's massacre in Boston and the Toons vs Monstars game in Space Jam:

So the Cavs decided to have a little fun at the Celtics expense. Both their fans and the media alike thought it was so cool that their team is being compared to the almighty cartoon team:

The irony of this is that unless I'm misremembering something here I'm fairly certain, no I'm sure, that the Monstars ended up blowing a big lead and losing - which we all know is exactly what happened last night. Bron Bron and Co couldn't hang onto a 21-point lead and the Celtics rallied late with Jonas Jerebko coming in out of nowhere basically playing the Bill Murray part and helping to win the game.

I can totally see Jerebko saying to himself just before he buried that deep two to put the C's on top with 30 seconds left: "This is why I was born. I thrive under pressure." Even Avery Bradley's game winning three that bounced all over the place before going in was almost as ridiculous as the MJ stretch dunk that ended Space Jam.

It was very satisfying to see the Cavs compare themselves to a powerhouse cartoon team that blew a massive lead and essentially do it themselves. If only this entire series could play out that way I don't think I'd ever stop laughing.

On another note, that Monstars theme from Space Jam is fire:

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