Green Envy: What Jazz fans said 2/11/17

The Celtics took to the floor in Salt Lake City without Jae Crowder or Avery Bradley, yet still managed to take away the 112-104 win. Isaiah Thomas scored 29 points, extending his run of 20+ points per game. Al Horford scored 16 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. For the Utah Jazz, Gordon Hayward put 31 points on the board, against his former college mentor Brad Stevens. Below are some of the comments made by Jazz fans, as they lurked in the alleyways of the internet.

Top Three:

Will Jae Crowder cry again for three weeks on Twitter when the fans cheer Hayward?

Boston announcer sounds like the guy who locked himself in a closet on acid and then talked about everything he saw.

When James Young came in and hit that 3 I remembered Trump was President and the world was coming to an end.

Snyder Love:

Quin would rather get roasted over and over before making a change, so there's no reason to expect one.

If Quin is so big on accountability its time he starts holding himself accountable for these pathetic performances. If we play with the energy we had in the last 6 minutes for the entire game we win this game and he's been schooled by opposition coaches recently.

Brad Stevens >>>>> Quin Snyder.

Quin Snyder completely outstrategized 2 nights in a row...

Blame the Sleeves:

I hate these jerseys with sleeves. The always shoot like crap when they wear them.

Jerseys look like soccer jerseys and the players suck with them. Burn them.


Full Slate:

A win tonight will erase the painful choke job on Thursday. A loss will send everyone to a dark place.

If George plays he'll completely exploit the worst defensive player in the league and go for 30 and we'll win reasonably comfortably. If he doesn't it'll be a tight one.

I almost expect Isaiah to go for 50 now. Nightmares about those J's he bombed over perfect defense in Boston.

If Jazz were to win tonight though, not gonna lie, I would love to see those Boston Celtics message board comments.

Boston's looking like a pretty sweet destination for Hayward next offseason. Hard to resist your college coach and probably the most talented team in the east.

IT is sooooooo ****ing good offensively.

Jazz can't make wide open 3s. Celtics can't miss wide open 3s.

If we want to win games we cannot play Trey Lyles. He's so easy to target on defense and he's been a zero on offense as well. I can't think of anything he does to help us win.

I really hate watching Lyles play.

They should be handing out helmets to the crowd behind the basket.

Boston has the ugliest team in the league. By far.

How does Thomas lose his dribble and fall down yet still score?

I was definitely right. This is gonna be the worst home loss of the season. They kicked our ass.

Burks is just dumb. Can't fix stupid.

Hayward would look nice in their home whites with that hair of his.

I'm so glad I decided against last minute tickets to this game. Jesus.

Don't think I've seen Gobert be this invisible in a while.

Boston sideline reporter is a next door neighbor cutey.

The All-Star break can't come fast enough for this team. Also, I'd like to hear from all the people who still think Alec Burks is more impactful and talented than Hood. He sure came through tonight with his whopping 1-4 with 1 rebound in 18 minutes.........

They kicked our ass and the Hayward join Boston-o-meter probably goes from 10% to 30%.

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