Green Envy: what Clippers fans said, 2/5

Clippers fans knew tonight was about Paul Pierce as much as their coach did, but that didn't stop them from being salty about losing.


Let's dive on in and enjoy the schadenfreude, shall we?

The Best:
Go Clippers, Go Falcons!

Hi guys , haven’t commented in years. Just wanted to say that I can’t wait for the Doc Rivers / Austin Rivers era to be over.

Non-chemistry Clippers should have been dismantled 2 years ago. It's the most choking playoff teams and regular season tease team in NBA history.

Why is Jamal....
….playing? Why is he still on the team?

 I admit that it must be pretty cool as fans to have your starting point guard double as the team's official leprechaun mascot. Talk about versatility? Lol.

Austin Rivers is a joke. He shouldn’t start in any team.

You Smelltics' fans kill me. Your best bet to a world championship is this evening when the Tom Brady and the Cheatriots do what they do best - deflate some more footballs and cheat their way to another championship. Lol.

The Rest:
Looks like we are headed for another’s embarrassing blowout loss on national TV. Sad to say, but without CP3 this team is straight garbage.

Naw. We were doing great climbing back. Then "All Star" DJ threw that idiotic pass and the Celtics got their lead right back. So stupid.

Boy is the officiating bad in the NBA; Thomas carries the ball constantly, no calls. Smart elbows Reddick in the head, a clear flagrant foul, no call. Many no-calls throughout the game. It's embarrassing and disgusting.

What happened to the team defense that they had at the start of the year?

I have yet to see someone who's main positive is rebounding
Fight for less rebounds then DJ. Griffin is the only one playing today.

The only good thing to ever come out of Boston is probably New England Clam Chowder and that's probably even pushing it

DJ,Austin,and JJ have combined for 14 points so far

Celtics up 8, have them at -5.5, but whoops they blew a big double digit lead and then gave Pierce an open 3 at the end to cut it to 5, Clippers don't foul.

Why do I even bother lol.

Bench Rivers put Felton in. Have crawford come off the bench first and rivers can play the last 2 minutes of the half.

Get down by 9…no time out… Down by 12… No time out… Down by 16… So on. No adjustments. No adaptations. Just excuses. Real coaches make things happen.

Doc is one of the worst coaches of ALL-TIME. The guy just doesn’t coach.

And of course, the Truth:
Paul Pierce starting = schedule loss.

Loved that Pierce came out for the opening tip in a wheelchair.. that was cool.

Paul Pierce should just retire after this game honestly. What's the point of waiting until the end of the season when he doesn't even play now.

I mean, I wish he retired, but that was really nice. And quite shocking.

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