Draymond Green continues to trash talk NBA legend Paul Pierce

Draymond Green's Paul Pierce bashing which started last week during the Clippers loss to the Warriors is apparently not over. Draymond of course is exaggerating Pierce's impact prior to the KG trade. Pierce led the Celtics to the 2002 Eastern Conference championship. Prior to the arrival of KG and Ray, the best player Paul had ever played with was Antoine Walker. He didn't have a Klay Thompson and definitely didn't have top 5 NBA talents like Kevin Durant and Steph Curry.

Draymond Green is a very good player. Every team wishes they had a big like him, but he's not winning any championships as a team's #1 option. And while Green calls out Pierce that he's no Kobe, the idea that Kobe was that much better than Paul Pierce is just not true. If not for the Kendrick Perkins injury in 2010, Pierce has two titles to Kobe's 4. If KG doesn't get hurt in 2009, Pierce very well could have the same 3 titles as Kobe. Add Piece to the early 2000's Shaq Lakers in place of Kobe and are you betting against that team? Also note Kobe didn't do shit the years without Shaq or Gasol.

Yes lots of what ifs, but that's how team sports go. It matters who your teammates are. And just in case people forgot, Draymond's teammates would have 2 titles apiece if not for Green's inability to control himself and subsequent suspension. Draymond Green is an internal part of a superstar championship team. He's like Rodman on the the 90's Bulls. Paul Pierce was a leader. He was the 2008 Finals MVP. Pierce could carry a team. No one wins a championship alone. Draymond needs to shut his mouth on this issue. Pierce was the Truth.

Full Draymond Green quote:
“Don’t get me wrong, Pierce was a damn good player. He had an amazing career, but people tend to forget he was struggling to get to the playoffs and was on the trading block every year. Then, all of the sudden, Ray Allen and KG showed up. Let’s not forget that.

“So, when you come to me and you say, ‘You can’t carry a team.’ … But how good were you at carrying the team? And by the way, it’s not really been proven that I can’t. Or that I don’t. It’s never really proven. But it’s proven with you because you couldn’t win. Just because you were scoring points, don’t mean you were carrying the team.”

Pierce ranks Green a 3 on the trash talk scale:

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