Derek Fisher robbed of his 5 championship rings in home burglary

No suspects have been identified yet 
Former Lakers scum Derek Fisher's home was reportedly robbed with a ton of jewelry being taken.
The home of former Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher was burglarized Monday morning, according to police, and he might have had all five of his championship rings taken in the heist. Derek Fisher told police someone broke into his L.A. home and stole more than $300,000 worth of valuable jewelry ... including his 5 NBA Championship rings.

We're told officials believe the perp got into the house through a side door -- and went for his jewelry. Among the stolen goods was Fisher's 5 NBA rings he won during his run with the Lakers. They're each worth a ton of cash.

This report comes a day after after a Bleacher Report article included quotes from Fisher whining about being blacklisted from the NBA because he violated a league "bro code" and pursued former teammate Matt Barnes' ex and mother of his twin children. Fisher also complained that he shouldn't have been fired by the Knicks, that he did a better job with less talent, and that Porzingis' growth as a player should be attributed to Fisher.

Fisher was fired after one and a half seasons as Knicks coach. He has the worst winning percentage of any Knicks coach in history who coached at least one season. Fisher has twice used his family as an excuse for getting out of contracts with teams (Jazz and Mavs) and then immediately signing with contenders (Lakers and Thunder).

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