Report: Suns, Kings discussing Cousins deal, Celtics fans roll eyes

DeMarcus Cousins is, evidently, back on the trade market.

Unless he ends up signing that Designated Player Exception. Unless the Sacramento Kings don't offer it. Who knows? Not us. Probably not even Vivek RanadivĂ©, the team's majority owner, or Vlade Divac, the ostensible general manager.


You should be. After the issue seemed to be finally - mercifully, even - put to bed with news Cousins would be signing with the Kings long-term, using the new CBA's novel Designated Player Exception, Arizona Sports 98.7's John Gambadoro reports the Phoenix Suns have been in talks with the Kings about a Cousins trade package:

According to an article by Arizona Sports, Gambadoro claims the package would be:

"...centered around involving small forward T.J. Warren, center Alex Len, Phoenix’s first-round pick this year and possibly more. The Suns own all of their future picks and also own two future Miami Heat first-round picks from the Goran Dragic deal ... [and] ...Eric Bledsoe and Devin Booker would not be in the deal."

Stop me if you've heard this one, folks. On one hand, it's becoming clear how playing for a front office so dysfunctional it can't keep to one course of action for longer than a few weeks might make you into something of, asshole, in many people's eyes. On the other, it's something of a relief to see another team's fanbase have to put up with being linked to this most incompetent of management groups for a change.

Until this, too, falls through and I have to write yet ANOTHER article on a DMC trade rumor.

I guess this is the price we collectively pay as Celtics fans for Danny Ainge having such a treasure trove of assets. I'm sure I'm far from the only one of us who'd like to see a fair amount of those assets cashed in, too.

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Photo via Matt York/Associated Press
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