Who should the Celtics target next in Free Agency?

With Free Agency well under way and many big names being taken off the market, it's time to wonder who the Celts have on their radar now. After signing Al Horford and missing out on Kevin Durant, there's not too many names left on the free agent market. However, the C's do need another big man even if they accept both Amir Johnson and Jonas Jerebko's options. Another shooter and scorer off the bench wouldn't hurt either. Here are some names left on the list:

Dion Waiters SG:
Waiters is a decent guard who showed that he can be a sixth man off the bench in the playoffs with OKC. The Celtics definitely need another scorer off the bench with Turner gone so he could be a decent option.

J.R. Smith SG:
Like most other Celts fans, I myself am not a fan of JR Smith and I think he's a bit of a knucklehead. That being said, he is one of the best sixth men in the NBA and started in the playoffs for the Cavs. Coming off winning a championship, it's hard to see him leaving Cleveland but if they want to acquire Dwyane Wade, then Smith would have to be the odd man out. He could also be someone Boston looks at to fill the shooting void.

Marreese Speights PF/C:
The Warriors most likely won't be able to afford to pay Speights, especially now that they've signed David West and Zaza Pachulia. Speights can go down low and score and has a beautiful 17 foot jumpshot in his arsenal as well. Don't forget, last season he was in the running for sixth man of the year for most of the season and helped the Warriors to their championship. He'd be a nice pickup to fill Sullinger's spot off the bench.

Lance Stephenson SG/SF:
I know what you're thinking, another knucklehead. Hear me out though. Stephenson when utilized correctly can be a tremendous playmaker and scorer. Think of the Indiana Pacers version of Stephenson and how well he would fit in Brad Stevens' system. Evan Turner's playmaking off the bench will be missed and Stephenson can be the perfect guy to fill his place in that role.

Brandon Bass PF:
Possible reunion with an old friend? Bass played very well when he was here for four years and was beloved for his toughness and effort night in and night out. He has a beautiful mid-range jumpshot and since he's played under Brad Stevens before, he shouldn't be hard for him to fit right back into the rotation. He could be a strong option if we decide not to resign Tyler Zeller, Jared Sullinger, Amir Johnson or Jonas Jerebko.

Troy Daniels SG:
Daniels is not a well-known name but he entered the league with the Houston Rockets after putting his shooting ability on display in the D-League. This past season he played for Charlotte and while he didn't get much playing time, he did shoot well when he did get on the floor. As a 48% three point shooter last year, he is a guy the Celtics could use to come off the bench to be a sharpshooter. Right now as it stands, we don't have a knockdown three point shooter on the bench and we know how valuable guys like that can be. At only 24 years old, Daniels has plenty of game and it would be nice to see Boston be his home.

Image Credit: Getty Images/The Ringer
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