Dwyane Wade to leave the Miami Heat, join Rajon Rondo in Chicago

 As if 2016 NBA free agency hasn't been crazy enough, 12x All-Star Dwyane Wade has decided to end his 13-year relationship with the Miami Heat and join his hometown Chicago Bulls -- a move that some journalists find more surprising than Kevin Durant's decision to go to Golden State:

Wade, who was offered 2 years/$40 million by the Heat, was reportedly looking for a 3rd year on his contract. However, he finally agreed to a 2 year/$47.5 million deal with the Bulls that includes a player option:

While this move is intriguing for many reasons (I am curious to see what Wade says in the coming days about his decision-making process: if the move was strictly about money, if he cites going home to Chicago as a primary reason, or if he felt failed by Miami's brass), as a Celtics fan, I am left wondering how Wade is going to get along with Rajon Rondo, another new addition to Chicago's back court.

We all remember Wade dragging Rondo to the floor in the 2011 NBA playoffs, causing Rondo to dislocate his elbow:

Rondo subsequently deemed Wade a dirty player, and there was a lot of on-court tension between the two in future meetings.

However, Rondo has seemingly put his past scuffles with Wade in the rear view mirror, and according to sources, was active in recruiting Wade to come to Chicago:

I wondered whether we would see a lot of images and videos of Wade's jersey being burned by Heat fans, but then I saw this, and realized the dude makes a pretty good point:

Now that Chicago has Dwyane Wade, any chance they might want to send Jimmy Butler our way?

Photo:  Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE