Is it possible James Young just doesn't get it?

Following a brief stint with the Maine Red Claws, the Celtics recalled James Young and Jordan Mickey before Thursday's practice.  Afterwards, Young spoke to the media:

Mass Live's Jay King elaborates:

Despite spending time in the D-League so early in his second season, Young said he's not discouraged.
"Not at all. It's a process," he said. "I'm the youngest guy on the team. I knew this was going to happen. So, just keep working."
Asked what the coaches want to see from him, Young began his reply, "I have no clue," before saying he will continue to do whatever they ask.
"We just have a lot of guys at my position," he said. "So, like I said, I'm the youngest guy. My time is coming."

Yes, Young is just a kid. Yes, he's only 20 years old and still can't legally drink a beer.  But he's been in the NBA for over a year now, and at this point it should be pretty obvious to him that it's a very bad idea for a guy in his position to say he has "no clue" what his coaches want from him.

During the same media session, Brad Stevens actually did speak to some extent about what he'd like to see from Young (also via King):

Ultimately to play on our team, you've got to beat out the people in front of you. And that's the reality of the situation. For him right now it's about getting those reps and continuing to improve and putting himself in position to be in that discussion.

Granted, I wasn't in the room, so it's hard to analyze the exact context of Young's "no clue" comment.  Maybe it was just in regards to something specific about that day's practice.  It's probably nothing.  But it's definitely not a good sign, and it feels representative of Young's time in Boston.  The talent and athleticism are there.  We know he can shoot.  Yet for some reason, it's just not working--so far.

Hopefully he'll come around.  But as more and more time passes, I'm becoming less and less confident it will happen.

Note: I thought the above photo was the perfect fit considering RJ Hunter appears to be swiping Young's place in Boston right out from under his feet.  The reality is it's just a screenshot from a Media Day video in which Hunter told Young that Marcus Smart is a better dancer than he is.

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