“Coaches? We Don’ Need No Steenking Coaches!”

Guest Post by Abacus Reveals

Interesting trend going on in Northern California in recent times.

Two seasons ago, the head basketball coach was using the ‘best ever” label he’d bestowed upon the offensive potency of his young backcourt prodigies to disguise his crew’s top-tier defensive efficiency.

For last season a replacement, like his predecessor a former player with zero head coaching experience, played the wide-eyed “Gee, I’m just lucky to be here!” card all the way to the league championship.

Now this season, as coach works to resolve some personal health issues, the defending champions roll on. Even coachless, they outscored their first four opponents, all Western Conference playoff qualifiers, by an even 100 points.

The mid-range jump shot has all but disappeared from the NBA game.

Is the head coaching position likewise headed to Jurassic Park?

The Big 4 – 0

The Golden State Warriors (.414) were one of four squads to begin the season zoned in at a 40 percent clip from three-point land, the Thunder (.404), Raptors (.420) and Heat (.424) rounding out this quartet of opening week deadeyes.

Golden State and Miami were two of another set of four teams that rank among this early Top Ten in both making and defending the trey. Chicago is the only team holding opponents below 25 percent from distance – a little Thibs hangover, perhaps? – while sitting No. 6 in accuracy.

The Final member of this little club, remarkably, would be Boogie Cousins and the George Karl Kings … hmmm!

Here are the Top Dogs.

Over the past six seasons, 20 NBA teams (including seven last year alone, not to mention the 2012 Celtics) have converted this Top Ten Triple Double. Only three of them – the Suns in 2014, Wizards in 2013 and the Rockets in the prior shortened season – failed to qualify for post-season play.

It is quite early and we’re operating from a very small sample size … but with our Men in Green dallying at No. 27 in makes and No. 20 in stops, these may be numbers worth tracking.

It’s hard not to think that the length and athleticism of a James Young might knock that 34 percent they’re yielding from the arc down a tad – but if the Basketball IQ attached to those physical tools has been deemed inadequate, is it time to institute an endgame in the matter of young James?