COJ - Avery Bradley, the new king of dunks

You want to know what’s shocking to people? I probably still have a 40-inch vertical... Before I got here, dunking was what I was known for,” (Avery Bradley) said. “I would dunk on somebody every day, every game.
Source: Adam Himmelsbach, Boston Globe

Good news, bad news. Bad news is that I had the 'Why You Always Lying' video all queued up, but it turns out that might not be totally applicable. Would've been a fantastic way to kick off your Friday, right? Quick, preposterous quote by Avery Bradley, 'Why You Always Lyin' video, and a bunch of laughs.

But it turns out that 'The Air Up There', Avery Bradley might actually have a point. Dude could dunk. Not only did he win the 2009 McDonald's Slam Dunk (with some not so super impressive dunks so don't bother checking), but check out this high school mixtape of his:

Avery Bradley; Half man, one quarter amazing, one quarter person I'm still not sure can talk.

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