Celtics play with pace against Washington, but can they keep it up?

Brad Stevens has talked about "pace and space" since he arrived in Boston. He wants the team to push the ball and spread the floor with three-point shooters. In their 118-98 win over the Washington Wizards on Friday night, the Celtics played their best basketball of the young season, mainly because they practiced what their coach has preached:

If this is they style of play that Stevens wants his team to play, is it sustainable?

There is no denying the fact that the C's are extremely entertaining when they get out and run the floor for transition baskets. As odd as it may sound, the team's defense is going to be critical in allowing the offense to play this style. The Wizards committed 24 turnovers on Friday night, 18 of which were steals by the Celtics. Those turnovers led to fast break opportunities and the chance to get out, spread the floor and run. It is infinitely harder to play with pace after a made basket and if Boston wants to pick up the tempo, its starts on the defensive end.

This Celtics team is built to push the ball in transition and space the floor on the offensive end. If they can force turnovers and get out running, then this style of play is sustainable. If they get bogged down, can't stop anyone and need to run more half court sets then we will see more sluggish play like we saw during our three losses.

Photo Credit: Charles Krupa/AP Photo
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