Green Envy: What Sixers fans said - 10/28

The Celtics defeated the Sixers 112-95 and the Sixers message boards were an emotional rollercoaster. A slow start by the Celtics gave Sixers fans a nice supply of false hope that made their fans even more schizophrenic than usual. They don't know whether they want to win or lose and they don't know if they love or hate Sam Hinkie. No one thinks the team will be competitive this year. All are convinced that Okafor and Noel are a dream team. Most of their hate was directed at their own band of D-Leaguers that run around laying bricks in the literal and figurative shadow of Okafor and Noel. But they managed to toss in a few fat jokes. Good times.

I think we win tonight

The difference between our bigs to the rest of the team is like the distance from earth to the moon

Tank starting early

Jerebko three pointer stretches the lead to 86-71 and then...

Ugh Samson is ass, and I hate JEREBKO! Someone throat punch that guy!

So pumped. Guys we waited all offseason for this moment.

they look great together!

Probably going to get throttled. Our guards will get eaten alive vs their perimeter D.

Twin Towers are killing it!

I think we win tonight

So keen for sauce

Caanan reminds me a little of Dana Baros

Pass that stuff to Okafor you midget

Well this is pleasant so far

Sixers look great. Go figure.

Tyler Zeller wants to go home

I actually think Okafor has the best handle on the team. 2nd behind McConnell?

Okafor making it looks easy. ROY.

Cute bleached mohawks Boston. My high school's wrestling team used to do that, too!

Boston bigs are LOL

"Sixers treat each game like an exhibition game" is what one Celtics fan said. I wonder if he still feels that way. :P

Get excited. Get real excited.

Who's the white kid on our team? Aaron Craft finally make it big?

I'd rather have one of Noel or Okafor than the gaggle of rotation players that make up the Celtics.

Kinda of weird that we have zero assists on 11 buckets.

Got too excited, forgot we have a garbage bench.

Noel and Okafor leave the court and the Sixers become a D league team.

Can anyone explain what our offense is trying to do in the half court set? The point guard who brings it over just tosses it to Noel or whatever big is at the top of the key and then no one moves much... what am i missing?

Stauskas back spasms? Damn...

Wood is not ready for big minutes

Jah's not getting enough touches

Sampson is dog poo

The Sixer's took a smart approach. I can easily see them becoming the new OKC with another great draft. Okafor is a stud. Noel is good. Man, if Embiid ever stays healthy that's the best frontcourt hands down. A good pg, and the team would be a perennial contender. Lots to look forward to.

Evan Turner is looking plump.

Fun is over. Time for Boston to take the lead and never look back.

Hollis need to retire , how can we let this kind of guy be on the team

god this offense is gonna be brutal to watch for awhile....can anyone shoot and actually make a jump shot??

Lets do that thing where we're winning again.

Teams are going to find out real quick that all you need to do is double our bigs.

This is the offense that I remember.

Boston's perimeter defense is impressive

Hinkie is killing this team too much
this back court players and I mean all of them should not be in an NBA roster , he could have spend or trade for some half decent players , we would still end up with bottom three record
and our hope is the guy from Sacramento who is always injured and 2 more jag guards who just blow up their knee
its too much

man no one is better then Noel in defending.

2 guys who blow out their knee, 1 more guy who is always injured and Covington who can't dribble this is the plan?

I'm over Sampson Thompson and grant. The sooner I get to never see them play again the better.

I thought the Sixers looked pretty incredible in the first half. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Young studs playing well, and losing = win

Noel is basically our PG and that is bad

Teams get away with a lot of fouls against us

Hearing how high the Boston announcers are on our bigs makes me uneasy...

man, Grant is looking brutally awful.

Canaan should exclusively play the Eddie House role, not the point guard.

Noel is a flat out stud, nobody else like him in the league. You can tell the game has slowed down for him, his ceiling is limitless.

All I'm sayin is brad Stevens adjusted and Brett brown did not.

Dude Brown had 9 players including 4 rookies so you know..shut up.....and honestly Stevens had the refs on his side. I'm not impressed by Boston at all

Read somewhere that in 2025 internet speeds will be so powerful that telepresence will be available. We'll all be watching games together in one room one day lol

Sampson can dribble better then last year

Okafor is getting doubled every touch and nobody seems to get open, lol, how does that work?

the 3rd quarter is like a summer league game every player try to do something too much so they might get noticed and signed hey guys you made the team

I love this team! Okafor with a hell of a find! Go ahead Boston.....Double him....Stupid asses.

20 turnovers is no bueno.

Ugh I want to be passionate, I want to believe...And then Isaiah Thomas appears and kills us.

terrible job by Hinkie giving the coach all this guards , none of them can play

Sullinger is enormous.

Okafor with pretty ft's.

Ugh Samson is ass, and I hate JEREBKO! Someone throat punch that guy!

Go home Hollis, you're drunk.

Sully is pretyy porky

Jah is tired. Playing more than 30 minutes is like running cross country for him.

Ugly! Why the hell are we posting Okafor 20 feet from the basket?

Crowder is a bull

Okafor played a good game, but much of it was due to the great start he got off to with zeller covering him. I was surprised the celtics are still starting him. Once they got Johnson or sullinger in there, the points were not as easy for okafor.