LeBron says Celtics among top 5 most difficult defensive assignments, other silly things on Twitter Q&A

Clearly choosing this hat did not cross LeBron's mind when deciding what was difficult to defend

Tuesday night on Twitter, LeBron James hosted an "ask me anything" question and answer session. Like many celebrity AMA's, many of the fun and interesting questions went unanswered.

A couple of the more straightforward ones that did end up being answered had to do with our Celtics. Boston was on his list of favorite cities to play in, as well his toughest defensive assignment.

We all know that LeBron does love playing in Boston. Beyond the big 3 era being his first real measuring stick, it is a place he has unfortunately had a lot of success as well. He also seems to have genuine respect for the history of the franchise and the fans knowledge of the game. This one was also enjoyable because Miami wasn't on the list. Eat it Riley.

As for the Celtics being one of his most difficult defensive assignments, I have some questions.

First of all, did he honestly think this guy meant which team was his most difficult assignment? He definitely wanted to know who was his most difficult opposing player to guard, right? For the love of Bird, it's an ASK ME ANYTHING LeBron, name names!

Also, is he talking about all time? That would make sense, but if he is referring to last season it seems a little weird. Is there any other opponent in the league who would name last year's Celtics as one of the top 5 most difficult teams to defend?

I realize they have an offensive philosophy similar to those other teams mentioned (excluding MIA maybe), but there is a pretty big drop off from the offenses of the Spurs, Warriors, and Hawks to the Celtics.

Are the old Celtics teams of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett still so deep in his head that he can't help but think of them? Does he just respect Brad Stevens, his style of coaching, and his offensive philosophy this much that he vaults this team ahead of last year's Clippers in terms offense?

I think he does. Of all the teams that ranked higher in offensive efficiency than the C's, most do not play this style of basketball.

Many times after games against Boston, and in the playoffs, LeBron has been very complimentary towards the Celtics, and Brad Stevens in particular. This is not in the context of a "say something nice about the team you just eviscerated" post game presser though.

Maybe he does really respect Stevens. Maybe LeBron gets it. Maybe he isn't as self centered and self serving as I always thought he was.

Nope, he's still an ass.

"Hmmm, ok let's see. What has always made me laugh without fail? Well first, off the top of my head, a comedy movie that came out 2 weeks ago I happen to have a cameo in. That definitely always makes me laugh. Yeah, that one was great."

You buttered me up, LeBron. You talked great about the Celtics, you complimented the city, but you had to piss it all away and remind me that the world revolves around you. You almost had me that time LeBron...almost.

Photo Credit: John W. McDonough/Sports Illustrated

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