Isaiah Thomas is loving Danny Ainge and David Lee

Isaiah Thomas is enjoying his time as a recruiter for the Celtics. Looking into his eyes doesn't quite seem to have the effect of whatever Chandler Parsons does (or used to), but he has been the Celtic contacting and commenting on new arrivals and potential new arrivals. He had some good things to say about David Lee and his thoughts on joining the Celtics.

Thomas also seems to enjoy the process, and hints that maybe he and Danny Ainge possibly aren't done.

Beyond that, he seems very excited about Boston and the team, always helpful when trying to sway a player to join the green. Even if no more moves are coming, Thomas is very optimistic about this team as is.

My favorite recent quote of his refers to the city and the organization. He really seems to have embraced the team and it's mission.

Sure is nice to have a talented player that appreciates what we have going on in Boston, post big 3 era.

Photo Credit: Stuart Cahill/Boston Herald

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