Celtics waive Phil Pressey amid roster crunch

We knew this was coming.

Here's the official press release on NBA.com.

Phil Pressey's contract would've become fully guaranteed after today.  With the edition of Perry Jones, Boston already has 15 guaranteed contracts for next year (the league maximum), not to mention a deal for Jordan Mickey in the works as well.  Jonathan Holmes has also looked good in Summer League, and last night Marcus Thornton The Sequel led the young C's to a rout over the Heat.  That's 18 guys potentially in the way of Pressey's roster spot (although Boston does still have over three months to work that out), which forced Danny Ainge's hand.

Brad Stevens raved about Pressey before the start of Summer League as well.

Chis Babb still remains on the roster with a non-guaranteed contract, but now seems the obvious choice to be sent to Golden State when the David Lee trade goes through.

Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

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