Celtics renounce rights to Shaq, Marbury, Barros, Finley, 10 others

Sorry, Dana Barros won't be lacing it up for the Celtics for a 3rd time

McLeod's number may be retired one day
If you think the Celtics roster is crowded now, you should have seen it a week ago. Due to the Celtics not having been under the cap in many many year, they still had free agent exception rights to over a dozen players In order to sign Amir Johnson and Jonas Jerebko when the moratorium ended, the Celtics last Thursday finally renounced their free-agent exception rights to the following players: Chris Wilcox, Scot Pollard, Michael Olowokandi, Dana Barros, P.J. Brown, Mark Bryant, Grant Long, Nenad Krstic, Carlos Arroyo, Michael Finley, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Wilcox and Stephon Marbury. And then yesterday in order to take on Perry Jones III, Boston finally parted ways with former Celtics great Roshown McLeod.

If you're an Amir Johnson fan this is good news, but if you were holding out hope to see Carlos Arroyo or Dana Barros added to our training camp roster, sorry. You will just have to make due with the guards currently on the roster. And for those holding out hope for Nenad Krstic's triumphant return? Sorry, not happening either.

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