Your daily DeMarcus Cousins to Boston Instagram hype

A few days ago DeMarcus Cousins called Isaiah Thomas "the family" on Instagram.  Soon after, reports surfaced that Kings coach George Karl wants to trade Cousins, despite the fact that team owner Vivek Ranadive "will not allow it."

Yesterday, Isaiah wrote back to DeMarcus on Instagram, saying "If they don't want u. I know who does lol" (thanks to Mass Live's Jay King for the above screenshot).

For Celtics fans uninterested in putting any stock in the Isaiah-DeMarcus Instagram banter (and rightfully so), this tweet from CSNNE's Greg Dickerson is at least moderately encouraging:

It may not increase the likelihood of the Celtics actually acquiring Cousins, but you have to be impressed with Danny Ainge's persistence.

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