George Karl wants to trade Demarcus Cousins, power struggle ensues

The Sacramento Kings are all over the place right now.

On one hand you have George Karl wanting to trade Cousins:

And on the other hand you have Cousins demanding a trade:

Which makes you think that a trade should probably happen, except ownership doesn't exactly want to move Cousins:

So, yeah. Sounds like there might be too many cooks over in Sac-Town.

Are the Celtics in the mix if the Kings pull the trigger? It sounds like Danny Ainge is inserting himself into just about every conversation about trades this week, but you have to think prior reports expressing the Kings' desire to land established talent would necessitate a third team. Denver's Ty Lawson could certainly be a nice piece of a package for if Denver GM (and former Kings' GM) Pete D'Alessandro decides he wants some of the Celtics stash of draft picks and is game to work as a facilitator to get Demarcus Cousins to Boston. Not exactly sure what "established talent" the Lakers are offering, it seems like Julius Randle and a sign and trade of the No. 2 pick in the draft is the extent of what they can offer.

It's pretty clear posturing by the Kings' brass to insist they won't trade their disgruntled force of nature. Obviously they want to keep Cousins' value higher than it would be if they just put a "For Sale" sign on his forehead and started a full on fire-sale.

As for Cousins? He's busy going for the win via emoji:

Couldn't help but notice the color of that snake. He's got green on the brain and is very clearly coming to Boston.

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