Where on the dumb scale should MJ turning down 4 first rounders for Frank Kaminsky land?

Just when you think Michael Jordan can't be more incompetent running a team we hear multiple reports that Danny Ainge offered the hornets 4 first rounders to move up in the draft. The offer was apparently 6 picks total with 2 2nd rounders thrown in for good measure.

According to sources, the Celtics' final offer to the Hornets was a package featuring as many as six draft picks, including four potential first-round selections (a combination of picks from this draft and in the future). But the Hornets could not be swayed and turned down multiple offers to select Wisconsin center Frank Kaminsky

The thing here is if MJ turned down the offer because he preferred Justice Winslow over the picks I wouldn't even fault him. But he drafted Frank Kaminsky. In no world is Frank Kaminsky worth four 1st rounders. MJ drafted Sean May in the lottery. He was a bust. He drafted Cody Zeller in the NBA. Bust. Kwame Brown. Bust of all busts (Well Anthony Bennett still has a shot to win that title). I'm probably forgetting about another half dozen big man busts Jordan has drafted.

In a year or two, will Kaminsky really be viewed any better than guys like Sully or Olynyk? Will Kaminsky even be worth one 1st rounder in the future?

And don't dismiss the fact that Winslow was from Duke. You know Jordan watched the NCAA title game pulling hard for Duke to lose as an UNC alum and thus rooting for Wisconsin's Kaminsky. If Winslow was a Tar Heel, would MJ have passed on him? Of course not. So as much as Ainge often frustrates me (trading for IT at the deadline essentially cost us Winslow), at least we don't have Jordan calling the shots.

I can't believe there is a world out there where anyone prefers Frank Kaminsky over four 1st rounders.