Video: NBA Finals Game 2: Cavs 95, Warriors 93 (OT)

Another Finals game, another overtime finish. This time the Cavs squeaked out the win. Huge win for LeBron and the Cavs as they now steal home court advantage from Golden State. With Kyrie's injury (as well as Love's), this series has become something of a legacy series for Lebron. If he loses, he'll fall to just 2-4 in Finals appearances which will look putrid next to Michael Jordan's perfect 6-0. But if the Cavs can somehow win this series, it will be a tough blow for LeBron haters as the whole Jordan/LeBron G.O.A.T. debate will resurface and this time LeBron's camp will actually have some serious ammunition.

The Warriors blew a great opportunity to put a stranglehold on this series and now things shift to Cleveland. On the bright side for Bay Area fans, the MVP Steph Curry isn't going to shoot 5 for 23 again, so at least there's that.