Jae Crowder eager to stay in Boston, continue playing for Brad Stevens

What will it cost to keep Crowder?
Via the Boston Herald's Mark Murphy, Jae Crowder recently said the following about his impending restricted free agency, which begins July 1:

The feeling of me coming back to Boston is mutual, from what I can tell. I just hope we can get something done. But I do get a good feeling from the team. 
Of course you want to find out what your value might be. Time will tell that. I'm talking to my people and others, and everything will eventually show. My worth will be revealed.

But I'm confident in myself and my team [the Celtics]. 
Free agency is approaching quickly, and I'm sure I'll be talking to Danny soon. As I've told you guys, the second half of the season was something special to be a part of. I saw it as something that was going in the right direction for me.

And on his coach, Brad Stevens:

Any coach who accepts a player for playing hard is going to be the right fit — that's the team I'm going to fit in with. That's what Brad exemplifies. I can't ask to play for anyone better than Brad. He just wants you to play the right way. I can speak for other players as well when I say this. Brad has that kind of effect on players.

I was able to make plays in that system, not only for myself but also other players at a high rate. One thing I did show was that I can make plays.

Crowder was a bargain this season, with a salary of just $915,000.  He's on the books for a qualifying offer of $1.2 million for next year, which Danny Ainge said Boston will obviously make.  Other clubs will no doubt offer Crowder more, with the Celtics having the opportunity to match whatever is on the table.

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