Report: Rajon Rondo could end up in Sacramento after all

Rondo may have to accept becoming a king if he wants to collect his riches
The Sacramento Kings were one of the more aggressive teams that pursued Rajon Rondo while Danny Ainge dangled him in trade talks during the past couple rebuilding years. While the Kings had the young assets to trade for Rondo, the problem was that Rondo made it now he would not sign long term in Sacramento. But that was back when Rondo thought he was a max player.

Times have changed and beggars can't be choosers. The Globe's Gary Washburn has Sacramento as a possible free agent landing spot for the former Celtics all-star point guard.

A darkhorse location for Rajon Rondo in free agency is Sacramento, where the Kings are entering a pivotal year in their franchise and could use a bona fide point guard. Darren Collison, coming off hip surgery, is the team’s scheduled starter for next season. Rondo, who didn’t appear interested in going to the Kings a few years ago, could use the club as a springboard to perhaps a larger contract if he signs a one-year deal. Rondo is also close friends with Kings forward Rudy Gay.

Besides Rudy Gay, Rondo is also close with former Kentucky alum DeMarcus Cousins. Not sure if George Karl would be 100% in on coaching Rondo, but Karl has had experience with big personalities before with the like of Carmelo Anthony and Gary Payton. Rondo isn't going to get a max deal, so my expectation is he will choose whatever team offers him the best financial deal regardless of location. The best deal might be a less lucrative contract, but with a player option out after the first season.