Nike becomes NBA apparel sponsor...RIP Parquet Pride uniform?

The NBA announced a deal Wednesday that makes Nike the league's official apparel sponsor beginning with the 2017-18 season.

Adidas has been the sponsor since 2006 when it signed an 11-year deal taking over for Reebok. Nike's deal beginning in 2017 is for eight years and is worth nearly $1 billion, much larger than the previous deal.

Being that the Celtics have some of the most iconic uniforms in all of sports, this deal shouldn't affect them much.

Except for those wretched 'Parquet Pride' uniform. Those are an absolute abomination and need to go.

I'm sorry, but how do those pay homage to the iconic parquet floor? I see the parquet pattern down the side, but the horrific silver color and sleeves steal the show, in a bad way.

So please Nike, if you're listening, bury the 'Parquet Pride' uniform for good.

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Photo from Celtics Instagram