Video: 30 of last 31 title teams had a guy who played with Shaq

Jackie MacMullan interviews Shaquille O'Neal about "The Shaq Effect" for ESPN and how 30 of last 31 title teams had a guy who played with him. Of course Shaq being Shaq, he blames the fact that he only won 4 titles on some of these players not performing as well when they were his teammates. Danny Green, Steve Kerr, and Boris Diaw get mention. The last one is particularly hilarious, since Shaq believes that Diaw was a better player on the Spurs than he was in his prime on the Suns. Somewhere Charles Barkley is smiling that he's not the dumbest one on the Inside The NBA crew.

Reality is that Shaq would have won more more titles if he kept in better shape and didn't insist on continuing his petty feud with Kobe Bryant. That said, there's no questioning that Shaq still had a fantastic career. Not sure if there will ever again be another big man who will be able to physically dominate like Shaq did.

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