Video: (Not) Everyone loves LeBron

Yesterday I posted how Everyone loves Brad. Following the Cavs game 2 win over the Warriors we get this companion piece of (Not) Everyone loves LeBron

(Warning NSFW language in video)

Obviously the woman spewing the hate is rather crass (still kind of funny though). I got a kick out of her "I can't hear you excuse" from security. Pretty sneaky. The Warriors fan who starts to apologize for all Warriors fans at the end is pathetic though. Like one loudmouth fan obviously doesn't speak for the entire fan base. The need for some stranger to apologize is silly.

Is LeBron James the most hated best player in the NBA in league history? Prior the league's reigning best players (Shaq, Duncan, Hakeem, Jordan, Magic, and Bird) were generally only hated by their teams' rival fans. I know Kareem wasn't very well liked, but I doubt he received the scorn LeBron gets. Obviously LeBron has brought a lot of it on himself, but still. Personally I can't stand him as a person, but I have a lot of respect for him as an all-time great (would have more if not for the incessant flopping and whining).

Since we have a ton of LeBron haters as readers, let's hear why you loathe LeBron.