Isaiah Thomas on First Take: 'I've got a few players in mind hopefully that can wear some green'

Isaiah Thomas appeared on ESPN's First Take this morning.  Among the topics of conversation:

- Thomas thinks the Cavs would win the championship if they still had Kevin Love (or Kyrie Irving), but picks the Warriors in seven as it is.  "LeBron has no help, I mean everybody in the world sees that."

- On Steph Curry: "MVP. He took over when he needed to. ... The plays he makes are like the plays you try to do in video games."

- Cari Champion called Isaiah "an agent on his off time" and asked who wants to bring to the Celtics:

I've got a few players in mind hopefully that can wear some green.  I won't say no names, but ... There are two [big] guys in the Western Conference that are pretty good, hopefully they could make it over East.

From what we've seen so far, Thomas was likely talking about Marc Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge, but free-agent DeAndre Jordan may be on his list as well...

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Did LaMarcus Aldridge visit Boston this weekend? Is Isaiah Thomas recruiting him to the Celtics?

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