Isaiah Thomas to visit Spain, hopes to connect with a "really talented big man"

At the end of last month, it was reported that President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge would be looking to sixth man Isaiah Thomas for input regarding who Boston should target in free agency this summer. Since then, Thomas has not been shy about dropping hints to big names on Twitter.

There was this June 6th tweet from LaMarcus Aldridge, which Thomas ended up retweeting with his own message:

Yessir indeed, Isaiah. Then there was this one from just two days later:

Gotta love the shout outs, but fans should hope for the best and prepare for the worst; the organization has notoriously struggled to lure free agents. Even still, seeing that Thomas is making an outright effort to get Boston all-star talent is certainly encouraging. His most recent tweet of this ilk came last night and drew a lot of attention:

Right now, obviously these are only tweets; they could mean very little. One could even look at them and say they're half-ass, lazy recruiting efforts. One can't deny though that Thomas is making an effort to get his foot in the door with these top-tier potential centerpieces.

 LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, and now Marc Gasol. The Celtics intend to set off fireworks this offseason, and what we're seeing may be Isaiah Thomas getting them set to blow. Fans need to stay practical and keep an open mind, but these are all encouraging signs from an organization desperate to contend again.

Top photo via: Stuart Cahill
Marc Gasol photo via: David Dow/Getty Images 

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