Cavs head coach LeBron James says there won't be starting lineup changes in Game 5

Via's Dave McMenamin (and also the lead story on the site at the time of publication):

"We're going to play our game," [LeBron] James said before practice Saturday. "We've gotten to this point by playing the way we play, and we're not going to change. We'll make adjustments throughout the game, but we won't change our starting lineup."

McMenamin also shares some quotes from assistant coach David Blatt, who may or may not agree with James' decision:

Well, I think that we've made more than our share of adjustments throughout the course of the entire playoffs, not only in this series. Every game brings out new things and certainly presents new challenges.

If you look at the one game, it makes you think, 'OK, we've got to change this, that and the other thing.' If you look at the four games, in three out of four of those games we were pretty good doing the things that we did. So I think you'll see a combination of both of those possibilities.

We've got to continue to do certain things really well. What we need to change, we will.

OK, I wasn't at Saturday's press conference, but it sounds to me like Blatt is not 100 percent convinced his boss is making the right choice to keep the same starting lineup.

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