Because obviously you want to know the PSI of an NBA basketball

Admit it.

When you are catching the highlights of the NBA Playoffs and watching all the teams going after "Banner (something less than the Celtics')" to only see a Deflate Gate update immediately after, you wonder what the PSI of an official NBA basketball is.

No? Well I did.

Here is what the Official Rules of the National Basketball Association have to say on the matter,


Section II 

f. (1) The ball shall be an officially approved NBA ball between 7½ and 8½ pounds pressure.
(2) Six balls must be made available to each team for pre-game warmup


Section II—Duties of the Officials 

a. The officials shall, prior to the start of the game, inspect and approve all equipment, Including court, baskets, balls, backboards, timer’s and scorer’s equipment.
f. The crew chief shall be the official in charge

Odds are you won't see #ShamrockGate scrolling across the ticker or Brad Stevens exchanging texts between Lucky, Marcus Smart and the TD Garden attendant that took the balls into Tommy Heinsohn's dressing room to take a little air out anytime soon.

However, make no mistake about it, each of the major four sports in North America, including the NBA, will be looking into their game-day preparations more than ever before thanks to Deflate Gate.

Photo Credit: Tom Brady

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